Mystery Photo Contest FROM 2007
Phyllis Friebert Levy, Estelle Sherman Felber, JoAnn Pratt Siesennop, Mickie Zitron Bodner:, Karen Fischer Johnson:  Seated:  Barbara Ostach Schnoll, Karen Paschen Bookstaff, Sue Winter Freeman.
No correct guess
Kate Rector Madison and her spouse, Don
Guessed by Mary Connelly Pedzick
John Bjorkholm and Terry Newton
Guessed by Dave deRosier
Estelle Sherman Felber
Guessed by Kate Rector
Karen Peterson, Marge Pleister, Diane Bensman
Guessed by Dimitri Pavloff
Torrey Kipp Youngstrum
Guessed by Kate Rector
Chuck Collins
No correct guess
Lee Bahr on left
Guessed by Dave Guy
Sue Kuether Bischoff
Guessed by Torrey Kipp
"Although high noon, it was a dark and stormy night."
John Noble on the right- circa 1970
Guessed by Jean Hale Johnson
On top of the Hopi adobe:  Phyllis Friebert, Penny Fenner, Judy Gotthelf, Janet Slater (may she rest in peace). Back , back row- Chris Swansen- may he also rest in peace
Standing row:  Barbara Ostach,  ??,  Janet Zemlicka, Loralee Williams (moved away shortly after), Judy Sergio (we've lost her too), Val Fitz (may she rest in peace), Margot Kirsten, Kris Johnson, Jock Sutherland, and Dave deRosier.
Kneeling:  Brenda Berg (moved away), Jan Carlson, Billy Meinhardt (may he rest in peace), Rex Johnston, and Roddy McGregor.
Seated in front:  Judy ??,  Billy Waters, Bobby Imse, Bobby Rikkers (may he rest in peace), Dickie Seaman, Kenny Koeppel (moved away), and Sherry South.
Guessed by Penny Fenner
From l to right:  Dick McKean, Joanne Pratt, Bonnie Lipps, Daryl Smeltzer, Diane Haering, and Ron Strauss
Guessed by Torrey Kipp
Mystery Photo:
Left to right:  Tad Wegman, George Zagel, Joel Trosch, Gary Baldi, Katie Shrago Campbell, Ed Waldeck, Mike Black, Don Kresse, Roy Greasby.
Won by Joanne Pratt Siesennop
Top row- left to right: Elmer Jacobsen, Bill Gibbs, Dick Lorenz, Don Orth, Hank Hahn, Ralph Schultz, Mike Mooney and Jim Aspen.
Middle row:  Rick Schramm, Bob Major, Lynn Adelman, Lauri Dalli, Chuck Robins,   ???, Billy Waters
Sitting:  Jock Sutherland, Dick Stenzel, Bob Rikkers, John Ferzacca, Daryl Smeltzer
Winner:  Brenda Kaufman Safer - first with 12 players and two coaches.
Top Row:Dick Filter, John Stocking, Gary Lemkuhl, Penny Miller, Carol Eckert, Doreen Laun, Rosan Willoughby,  Ed Waldeck, Mike Mooney, Leslie Erickson and Lee Bahr.
Fourth row:  Nancy Geisler, Lynn Ternes, Elizabeth Bardes, Marcia Bury, Harry Basan
Third row:  Robert Hall, Charles Schott, Ray Luedtke, Roy Bierman, Bert Berkwich, Dave Guy Ronny Strauss, Robert Hanke, Richard Harris, John Holbrook and Lynn Adelman.
Winner: Bob Bohm

The girls are, left to right, Pat Deschler Jack, Karen Schmoll Preston, Sue Kuether Bischoff, Ellen Seal Fier, and Peg Elliott Graef.

Winner: Kay Elbe Lackey

Left to right: Mike Mooney, Rich Seaman, and Ed Sutherland

Winner: Kate Rector Madison
Funniest Response: Schuyler Rector

Top row: C. Strasberg, B. Bohm, H. Fowle, P. Rodan, T. Gregory, T. Kornblum Middle: T. Mellencamp, F. Suran, C. Maglio, T. Rebholtz and R. Seaman Lower: B. Zach, V. DeToro, E. Gschwind, J. Suter, Ken Murphy Finally, and no less important: Fred Holtznecht and Carl Siefert (tragically murdered many years ago now)

Bob Zach wrote to remind all of us that the team shared the Suburban Conference Championship that year and that very picture was in the Milwaukee Journal commemorating the event!

Bill Schleicher is this week's grand prize winner


Mystery Biker – Jim Lee
Winner – Bob Dossinger
Greatest quip – Ed Sutherland – "I don't have any idea who he is, but this guy's bought way too much stuff on E Bay!"
Picture of Jim Neuhaus.

Winner is Torrey Kipp Youngstrum and so she, once again, wins a prize! (I think we have to start setting a limit on how many times one person can be a grand prize winner!).

Bob Dossinger (John Wayne with cellphone)

No right answers


Nine Classmates:

Winner: Rich Seaman

Bonnie Adams, Judy Haxton, Joan Tessier, Judy Van der Linden

Judy Birkett, Dianne Haering, Karen Peterson, Joan Hurley, Mary Connelly


Picture is of Phyllis Friebert

Winner is Fred Bloom

Peggy Elliott Graef, Fred Bloom and Ellen Seal Fier.

No correct answers
Kristine Johnson, Terry Newton, Joanne Pratt, Janet Zemlicka, Sherry South
Penny Fenner Crisp is the winner
The girl on the left, with a mouthful of cereal, is Nancy Jung.  In the middle, looking none the worse for wear, is Lucia Sinke (not Janice Schweer as several of you thought), and the one on the right, practicing saying "aaahhh" for the dentist, is none other than Anne Teweles.  (Does anyone of you remember who took this picture?  Was it Judy Helle?  The least the photographer could have done was to have waited 'til Nancy Jung swallowed her Wheaties and Anne  shut her mouth!)
In any case, this week's winner is Judy Zinda Trudeau.  To tell the truth, there were two people who beat her out by a few nanoseconds, but they both have won a contest in the past, so this week's prize goes to Judy.  Congratulations!

There were lots of you who correctly identified Barb Ostach and Mike Laikin but the first right answer from someone who hasn't won a prize yet, comes from Katie Shrago Campbell.  Congratulations to her- she joins the growing list of prize winners.


Joan Schoetl Adelman is the winner this time and she's so relieved that after all these months of guessing, she finally hit pay dirt.  She joins our illustrious list of winners, growing to rather large numbers, I must say!

Here are the identities:

In the back:  Betty Grimm, Val Fitz, Bonnie Adams

Middle:  Sharon Powers, Barbara Havens, Kate Rector, Gretchen Dains and Judy Meister in the chair

Front:  Judy Sergio and Karen Peterson

I've no idea who's waving in the very back and am not sure if someone's hiding on the chair in back.  Can you tell?

Kate Rector was a bit spooked by the striped carpeting (she's delicate, after all!).  She also had a hard time recognizing herself, poor thing!   Does anyone remember whose house this is and what the occasion was?


Judy Cox – Identity