Mary Connelly Pedzick
1975 Grant Street #129
Denver, CO 80203

My journey from SHS has taken me from Marquette University where I graduated in Dental Hygiene, to the University of Colorado, Boulder for my BS and MA. I have spent the major part of my career teaching in Denver Public Schools.

With the exception of a few much loved years in San Francisco, Denver is where I have lived for the past fifty years. My husband, Stan, and I live in downtown Denver where gardens, yoga, bike paths, theater, YMCA, church, library, Pete’s coffee and light rail are all within a pleasant walk.

Our family of three children and their wonderful kids also live in beautiful Colorado. Stan and I see them often and are regular guest readers in all of our grandchildren’s school classrooms in sweet mountain towns.

SHS reunion nostalgia comes at a perfect time as I enjoy writing and have been reflectively meandering lately. Stan and I will be grateful to be on the planet for our 50 th reunions. Stan’s will be in Syracuse, New York two weeks before mine.

I appreciate classmates in the Milwaukee area who have been so kind in “rounding up” those of us who have been living in other states and countries, Thank you!